Now you can have uniquely 24/7 access to proprietary and international data about key constituents. WealthTracker’s wealth screening engine never stops searching the web for new data on donors and alumni. It also searches hundreds of databases for wealth events and new information. The result is new prospects for your campaign.


WealthTracker is a prospect research tool that couples exclusive next-generation web crawlers with a proprietary push technology called Rapid Match to provide development officers with intelligence alerts about their major gifts prospects in real time. It finds information on wealth, business, and philanthropic events that ordinary searches usually miss, at a fraction of the cost of traditional screening and online search tools that only identify prospects on a yearly or biennial basis.


For a demo or more information, please contact Theodore Hafner at the following: thafner@hepdata.com or 703/623-5028

Our custom online tools combined with Rapid Match generate detailed, up-to-the-minute intelligence, such as:


  • New prospect names and “people in motion” events
  • Extensive biographical profiles
  • SEP Retirement Plan data for backdoor wealth identification
  • Proprietary Financial Times of London projected M&A news stories related to your prospect — NEW!
  • FEC political philanthropy
  • Real estate transactions — NEW!
  • Business activities such as promotions, new appointments, and speaking engagements
  • Financial intelligence including stock transactions and venture financing
  • Foundation Affiliations (990s)
Obtain better prospect data and improve your donor engagement with Wealth Tracker 

With Rapid Match, you don’t have to spend valuable staff time downloading and processing data. Rapid Match re-screens prospect files daily and pushes that valuable information out to you every morning, where it becomes actionable intelligence for your development officers.

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