Wealth Identification/

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Identify and track your best major gifts prospects — daily.

Now you can have uniquely 24/7 access to proprietary and international data about key constituents. WealthTracker’s wealth screening engine never stops searching the web for new data on donors and alumni. It also searches hundreds of databases for wealth events and new information. The result is new prospects for your campaign.

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Append up-to-date employer names and job titles to your donor records and improve your ability to engage donors! A one dimensional fundraiser knows little about a donor. A multi-dimensional fundraiser knows who they are and what they do for a living.

If you are like most non-profits, your donor employer information is non-existent or has become outdated. HEPdata’s EmployerFind™ can fill those gaps in information by providing a current employer name, job title and Social Media URL (when available). We can also verify the validity of your existing employer names. Please note, HEPdata does not scrape social media sites to match your constituent information to publicly available data.

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We are pleased to announce EmployerAlert℠, our newest solution to track alumni employment changes in real time. Throughout the year, your alumni are transitioning professionally and, over the course of 12 months, 1 in 4 will change jobs. Stay on top of these changes with EmployerAlert℠ from HEPdata. Whether you want to track major donors, annual donors, lybunts, non-donors or your entire alumni population for employer and title changes, EmployerAlert℠ is the easy way to do it!

Prices start at $650 annually for quarterly alerts. We also offer both semi and annual alert options.