MatchForm Depot/

Provide your donors with their employer-specific match forms and/or logins immediately, via email or the post.


Electronic access to the latest matching gift application forms and logins makes it easier for donors to match their gifts. When you subscribe to MatchForm Depot, you will receive all of the forms and/or logins from the HEP database in a consolidated list in an excel spreadsheet with the Company ID, Company Name and form or login in HTML listed in alphabetical order. The file is updated on an on-going basis and updates are included as part of the subscription.

Who should consider MatchForm Depot?

  • Annual Fund Staff – to include match forms/logins with both solicitations and acknowledgements
  • Phonathon callers to email a donor immediately following a pledge
  • Advancement Service Staff – to store in your CRM
  • Gift Accounting Staff – you’ll always have the most updated match form or login to provide a donor
Educational Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations
Less than 25,000 donors/friends $350 per year
25,001-50,000 donors/friends $450 per year
50,001-100,000 donors/friends $550 per year
100,001-250,000 donors/friends $750 per year
250,001-500,000 donors/friends $950 per year
500,001-1mil donors/friends $1,250 per year
1mil plus donors/friends $1,500 per year