MatchPortal™ – The first and only service in the industry that manages and completes the matching gift paperwork for your donors!  Until now, donors had to retrieve the matching gift form, fill it out, show receipt of a gift and then submit it to their employer who then sent it to the recipient non-profit for a certified officer to sign and return.  Once completed, the match was initiated.  Sound confusing?  It is!!  Not to mention you were left wondering when and if they would complete their steps.  Take the burden off your donors by letting MatchPortal™ complete the matching gift paperwork and speed up the matching gift process!

MatchPortal™ actively drives the match process from your donation page!


MatchPortal integrates with your existing eMatch donor link .and your online checkout process Upon determining an online donor is match eligible, it encourages the donor to proceed with a match request and pushes it through an automated process for employer match processing.  Whether the employer requires a paper form or for the donor to log into the company portal we provide the donor everything they need to complete the match. 

MatchPortal offers a dashboard to track the status of matching gifts and action needed for various parties.  This allows you to track, verify and manage your matching gift in one place.  In some cases the donor needs to take action to complete the match, contacting  them is just a button away through the portal.


Donors benefit from an automated match process!


MatchPortal does everything possible to push the match request through the funnel so the nonprofits receive the matched funds.

Latest research shows that the number of companies matching to nonprofits continues to grow. MatchPortal helps you increase your new donor acquisition by using the match incentive to secure that all-important first time gift.


MatchPortal provides these exclusive features:

  • Automated match processing for both the donor and nonprofit
  • Up-to-date company policies and procedures for over [2,300] parent company matching gifts programs in the US
  • Portal management for nonprofits to track and monitor automated matching gift processing
  • Seamless integration into your donation website or our customizable API
  • Mobile compatible

HEPdata can integrate MatchPortal with all of your online fundraising channels:

    • online donation forms
    • acknowledgement pages
    • Event pages
    • Volunteer pages and Peer to Peer campaigns

MatchPortal is compatible with any online platform including Ellucian®, Blackbaud®, iModules® and others.