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Navigating the world of matching gifts can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With HEPdata, we have the most widely used and largest database of matching gift companies in the world. Our solutions make the matching gift process simple and we help you identify match opportunities and now, we even confirm the donor completes his/her match form, thereby ensuring your organization receives it’s match money. We do this at the lowest price possible, too.


Below, you’ll find a number of solutions to help you create a simple yet effective match strategy, or even a broader based top tier strategy. We also have a robust Learning Center (link) where you will find dozens of webinars, blogs and tips to create a successful matching gift strategy. Whether you are the American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, Duke University or a small one person growing charity, HEPdata can help! In fact, we help over 7,000 non-profits annually and will help our clients raise over an estimated 100 million dollars in match revenue this year alone.


When thinking about a matching gift strategy, think big… Make sure matching gifts are discussed during every donor engagement, whether it’s an event, online, email, phonathon, personal visit or traditional mail. A good starting point for charities that are new to matching gifts is the eMatch Donor Link. It is one of our most popular tools and has a high ROI at the best price on the market. Whether you are a new to matching gifts or an experienced fundraiser, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance or questions and we will customize a matching gift strategy for your development shop…., 800.681.4438.

eMatch® Donor Link helps you promote matching gifts to online donors and friends giving them instant access to their employer specific log-in or match forms as well as match guidelines.  For nearly 20 years, the eMatch has continued to be the industry standard.   Not all search engines are the same… Did you know there are thirty five 501(C)3 designations?  Does your search engine designate which companies will match your type of non-profit (single cause healthcare, arts & cultural, private school, etc.)?  The eMatch does, but competitor links don’t!  Did you know over 19,000 subsidiaries are match eligible through their parent programs?  Our competitors don’t know that, but you will!

eMatch®Portal allows you to identify donors on your website who are match eligible.  That’s right, donors who previously searched your matching gift search box were anonymous… Now they’re not!  Identify donors, simplify their match paperwork and track it all in the Portal!

GiftPlus Online® provides online access to development staff on nearly 23,000 matching gift programs in the United States and Canada. Detailed profiles include minimum/maximum gift size, match ratios, application deadlines, distribution dates, Dollars for Doers volunteer matching and spousal matching, digital access to match forms, logins and much more. Users can create custom reminders that will send employer-specific match forms by email or the snail mail.

Append up-to-date employer names and job titles to your donor records and improve your ability to engage donors! Donors and friends without employer are anonymous and certainly under-giving, if giving at all.  Through HEPdata’s sophisticated search technology, we are able to locate employer information for approximately 30-60% of the records sent. Accuracy of information has been our guiding principle and we use exact matching logic to ensure the highest quality of data returned. In addition, we provide you back your constituent ID# so you can auto upload the appended data into your development software.

Ever wonder how many donors and friends in your database are match eligible? Now you can take the guesswork out of it by running your donor employer names through AutoMatchXpress (AMX). AMX is a web based screening solution that instantly identifies which employers are match eligible providing you a no cost summary of matching gift potential, i.e., how many donors, lapsed and non-donors in your database are match eligible. We often find tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost match money that you can recover. Once you’ve reviewed the free summary, you can decide if you’d like to purchase the results.

HEPdata’s API allows Non-profits and Tech Partners to customize their matching gift experience.

Upload a copy of the industry’s most complete database on match forms and policies into your phonathon software and CRM to target match opportunities more effectively.

Electronic access to the latest matching gift application forms and logins makes it easier for donors to match their gifts. When you subscribe to MatchForm Depot, you will receive all of the forms and/or logins from the HEP database in a consolidated list in an excel spreadsheet with the Company ID, Company Name and form or login in HTML listed in alphabetical order. The file is updated on an on-going basis and updates are included as part of the subscription.

Our matching gift leaflets & re-print rights are a great way to promote matching gift program awareness to your constituents. Use our attractive leaflets in your next mailing. Or, customize your own using our digital artwork, to add to your next mailing or newsletter.

Creating awareness among your donors is an essential part of your overall marketing plan for corporate matching gift programs. One simple and effective way to create awareness is to insert a matching gift leaflet into your direct mail packages. The matching gift leaflet lists all the parent companies that will match to your type of non-profit.

Use our attractive (3” X 3”) Post-it Notes to remind donors to check and see if their gift can be matched! Use either our standard reminders or customize your own message and color.

Create greater corporate matching gift program awareness and give donors easier access to the eMatch Donor Link page on your Non-profit’s website.