GIftPlus Subscription/

Upload a copy of the industry’s most complete database on match forms and policies into your phonathon software and CRM to target match opportunities more effectively.


With more than 20,000 matching gift eligible corporations and subsidiaries, GiftPlus® is the most comprehensive database of its kind available. Use GiftPlus® Subscription to upload detailed profiles — including minimum/maximum gift size, match ratios, application deadlines, distribution dates, volunteer and spousal matching, digital access to match forms, logins and much more — into your phonathon software and CRM. By integrating GiftPlus® into your phonathon software, you’ll be able spot match opportunities during a call and provide application forms on the spot. With CRM integration, annual fund staff can target matching gift solicitations as well as acknowledgements. HEPdata even offers an API for realtime integration of match data.

GiftPlus® is compatible with any online platform including Ellucian® BlackBaud®, iModules® and others.