We are pleased to announce EmployerAlert℠, our newest solution to track alumni employment changes in real time. Throughout the year, your alumni are transitioning professionally and, over the course of 12 months, 1 in 4 will change jobs. Stay on top of these changes with EmployerAlert℠ from HEPdata. Whether you want to track major donors, annual donors, lybunts, non-donors or your entire alumni population for employer and title changes, EmployerAlert℠ is the easy way to do it!

Send us your current list of alumni names and employers. We will queue them into our sophisticated monitoring software (you do not have to include alumni addresses, emails, phones, etc.). Then, we will validate your employment information through social media and professional source data and send you a quarterly excel file with both employer and title changes. We will include your constituent ID# in the returned file so you can easily upload these changes. No more manually queuing names into search engines, sifting through loads of often worthless data and then manually entering the desired piece of information into your development software. Let EmployerAlert℠ do the work for you!


What if I am missing employment information on a portion of my alumni file?


Easy, HEPdata will perform an employer append prior to initiating EmployerAlert℠.


Prices start at $650 annually for quarterly alerts. We also offer both semi and annual alert options.