E-Match Donor Link - Hosted/

HEPdata will host your E-Match Donor Link on our website. This means that HEPdata will match the formatting of your current site, and give you a domain extension off of the url www.matchinggifts.com. Essentially, this gives you freedom of mind, knowing that your matching gifts page is constantly running and updated, generating donations for you.  It also means we do the technical work for you.  This is the most widely used eMatch option that clients choose. 

Special offer for new clients with less than 5,000 constituents:

1 year subscription price is $350, 2 year price is $675

Subscription price includes: E-Match – hosted link or iFrame, Free GiftPlus On-line Subscription (a $225 value)


1 year subscription: 2 year subscription:
5,001 – 25,000 Constituents $550 $1,000
25,001 – 50,000 Constituents $625 $1,150
50,001 – 100,000 Constituents $700 $1,350
100,001 – 250,000 Constituents $1,025 $1,850
250,001 – 500,000 Constituents $1,500 $2,800
500,001 -1,000,000 Constituents $1,800 $3,300
Over 1,000,000 Constituents $2,050 $3,750

E-Match Donor Link provides donors with these exclusive features:

  • Immediate match eligibility confirmation
  • Up-to-date company policies and procedures for over 20,000 matching gifts programs in the US, the UK, and Canada
  • Detailed instructions on how and where to apply for a company match
  • Information on Dollars for Doers and Corporate Volunteer Matching Programs
  • Links to the latest available matching gift forms and guidelines
  • Gift ratios, minimum and maximum eligible gifts
  • Seamless integration into your donation website using I-frame or our customizable API


E-Match Donor Link is a custom search tool that helps your constituents and friends match their gifts to your organization. Instead of pointing your donors to their employer’s personnel office, they can now check their match status online in seconds!The E-Match Donor Link webpage matches the design of your website, providing donors with a seamless and intuitive search experience. Some nonprofits have seen their matching revenues double as a result of using E-Match Donor Link!


Plus, E-Match Donor Link offers custom reports that let you track and monitor how donors use your E-Match link, including most searched companies, total searches, and other custom report options.


Let the facts help you decide


Features HEPdata Competitor
Exclusive relationship with CASE as matching gift administrator for CASE members
Blackbaud Partner plus 25 other CRM/online platform vendors
22,000+ matching gift companies tracked in the Gift Plus database (add hyperlink)
Database updated daily. Average 30-40 updates/additions a day which equals 5,200 updates annually
7,000+ customers
20+ years experience in matching gifts
Tracks matching gift companies in US Canada UK and Australia
Administor a networking group of over 1,000 matching gift professionals
Long standing partnerships with the top 25 non-profit software companies
Long standing partnerships with the top non-profit phonathon companies
A Learning Center of over 50+ free on-demand educational webinars given by top fundraising professionals
Dedicated professional staff available to speak with clients on the phone
Weekly blog with matching gift tips and other fundraising strategies
Team of researchers with over 30 years experience who update database of policies and programs worldwide
UK matching gift database tracks over 1,000 companies
Canadian matching gift database tracks over 3,000 companies
Clients include almost all of the Philanthropy 400
Premier employer appending solution (Employer Find)
Screening existing donor database for match eligibility (AutoMatch)
Tracking tools to update client CRM files with newest employer information (Employer Alert)
MatchPortal – fills out forms tracks match gift process sends out reminders automatically