eMatch Donor Link/

HEPdata will host your eMatch Donor Match Link tool on our own website. This means that HEPdata will match the formatting of your current site, and give you a domain extension off of the url www.matchinggifts.com. Essentially, this gives you freedom of mind, knowing that your matching gifts page is constantly running and updated, generating donations for you.

Embed our eMatch Donor Link into your own website using an iframe. This means that you can implement our web tool directly into your existing website. By using our product, all matching gift traffic is processed through our servers, meaning that your existing website faces no lag.

An API has customisable options for developers which include both front end as well as back end compatibility. This means that the look of the web product can be altered as well as the content that gets displayed. This option gives you total control over the information that gets searched for as well as the response that gets displayed to the client.