With the acquisition of inDegree, Inc. in April of 2013, HEPdata now offers robust data enrichment services for first destination surveys and student outcomes reporting to Career Services, Deans of Schools, and Institutional Research.  Schools such as RIT, NYU, Purdue North Central, Colorado State University, CSU San Luis Obispo, UNC-Chapel Hill and many others have already benefited from our EmployerFind service.

How EmployerFind works:

  • You provide HEPdata with your grad names, email, degree, class year and major
  • HEPdata matches them to social media and our EmployerFind sources
  • HEPdata returns current employer, title,  social media URL, grad school info on 30-75% of the records searched
  • Files are returned in excel with your constituent ID# for easy upload


  • Efficiently track first destination survey data electronically
  • Provide the data for student outcomes reporting less expensively
  • Help grow your alumni network
  • Grow your social media presence and message by connecting with alumni


“I was incredibly impressed with HEPdata. The amount of first destination data they were able to collect on our recent graduates will go a long way in helping us accurately report the outcomes of our students, as well as allow us to better connect with our alumni. HEPdata was fast, responsive, and thorough – it was money very well spent!”


Jeff Sackaroff
Associate Director of External Relations
University Career Services
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


$.50 per append with a $975 minimum charge

For more information please email or call (800) 681 4438.