API for GiftPlus Matching Gifts Database/

E-Match Donor Link helps educational institutions and non-profit charities maximize the impact of online donations from donors eligible for corporate matching gifts programs. By integrating our API into your donation page or development software, you can completely control and customize the user experience.

API uses include:

  • Non-Profit’s
  • Software Vendors
  • On-Line Giving Pages
  • Event Management
  • Donor Management/CRM
  • Mobile Applications
  • Peer to Peer Applications
  • Phonathon & Call Center Suppliers
  • Direct Mail Providers
  • Distributors

GiftPlus Matching Gifts Database clients benefit from:


  • The largest database of matching gift companies including Canada and U.K.
  • A list of clients (7,000+) that have made us the recognized leader in matching gifts in both non profits and schools alike.
  • A research staff that is continually adding new companies and policies.
  • An experienced technical team.
  • A client educational program that consists of over 30 webinars all free of charge

GiftPlus Matching Gifts Database includes:


  • Matching Gift Forms and Links
  • Policy Information on eligibility – who will match to what type of nonprofit or educational institution
  • Matching Ratio’s for executives, directors, retirees, spouses
  • Policy Exceptions – will not match to
  • Minimum – Maximum matches
  • Dates of Payment, Dates when applications are due in by
  • Matching Ratios (i.e. 1 to 1) (2 to 1), etc.
  • Detailed specifications are available on request
  • Volunteer Programs -Dollars for Doers program details
  • Corporate contact information
  • Emergency Program details (disaster relief matching details, tsunami, hurricane, etc.)


Plus, E-Match Donor Link offers custom reports that let you track and monitor how donors use your E-Match link, including most searched companies, total searches, and other custom report options.