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Do you have constituents who have not been engaged in years?  Is much of your database empty when it comes to active addresses?  AllFind searches 3 credit bureau files to locate addresses for constituents who have been lost over time.  With append rates between 80%-95%, we’ll help you dramatically increase your chances of engaging donors who have not been targeted in years.  AllFind also appends up-to-date home phone numbers when available.

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Any successful direct mail campaign relies heavily on the accuracy of constituent addresses.  Know that your mail pieces are being delivered to your constituents by screening your data against the USPS NCOA database to update current addresses for individuals who have moved in the past 48 months.

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Do you have a database full of home addresses, but aren’t sure if they are still accurate?  HEPdata’s address verification will clean your data by verifying which addresses are still current and which need updating.  Verifying the accuracy of your current data should be the first step before using AllFind to locate lost addresses.