About Us

Founded in 1997, HEPdata’s primary purpose has always been to help fundraisers engage donors through better data.  We pioneered the first electronic matching gift data base in the industry, GiftPlus®, which made it easier for fundraisers to identify and promote matching gifts to donors. We also built a preeminent data enrichment division that updates donor address, cell and employer information as well a world class wealth tracking solution.

HEPdata is eager to put its proprietary solutions, peerless expertise and dedicated staff to work for you and your nonprofit by helping you maintain your donor information so you can spend your time engaging donors.

–The HEPdata team

Our Founder's Story

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs and hardy first and second-generation immigrant stock, Steve Hafner always knew he wanted to start his own company. After selling alumni directories for his father’s publishing firm in the early 90s, it dawned on him that universities were purchasing alumni directories primarily for the data they received after alumni were surveyed. With time, it became emphatically evident that one of the greatest challenges for fundraisers, both universities and non-profits, was the lack of breadth and accuracy of information pertinent to their constituents.

With this knowledge, and the can-do optimism his father passed on to him, he founded HEPdata in the Spring of 1997 to help fundraisers engage donors through accurate, relevant and timely data. After nearly 20 years in business, 5 trademarked products and 3 acquisitions later, HEPdata continues to innovate and lead data providers in the fundraising community. Our national and international footprint now includes more than 7,000 annual clients and an unmistakable influence in the industry.

Steve’s innovative passion and dynamic approach is evident in the start-up like buzz one feels in the company’s two centuries old office in the historic district of Leesburg, VA. In this spirit, apropos are the following bold letters that greet employees and visitors alike when entering HEPdata:  “Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein.